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Don’t move – convert!

Eastbourne Extensions can help with any conversion and leave you with a new space to be proud of. With our team of specialists primed and ready, we take your ideas from a dream through to reality.

The sort of conversions that we carry out for our customers come in many different sizes and appearances. Here are just a few examples:

Loft/attic conversion

Sometimes you can’t expand out any more down on the ground, so ‘up’ is the solution in order to provide you with more useable space. You may need another bedroom with a luxury ensuite, office space, a playroom or an additional living room. Maybe you just want to utilize that space above you that you paid for but are not doing anything with; cinema rooms, play rooms, even spaces for exercising or meditating – all of these rooms and more can be easily supplied when we convert.

There are various ways of converting your attic or loft:

  • A Velux (roof light) conversion is popular due to being cost effective. With a Velux the windows fit flush with the roofline and the roof structure mainly remains untouched. This is the perfect cost effective solution where there is adequate height within the existing loft space.
  • A dormer loft conversion to the existing roof allows for additional floor space and head height. The dormer protrudes from the roofline normally at the rear of the property. Additionally, Velux’s can be installed at the front. It’s the most popular conversion as the flat roof dormer adds the maximum amount of space.
  • Other types of loft conversions are mansard, hip to gable, double hip to gable and L-shaped.

If you are not sure which option is the best for you, we will help you choose once we have carried out a site survey.

Garage conversion

Making your garage part of your home with a conversion can increase your property value by 20% and is a great way of making use of wasted space. If you never use your garage for your car and it has just become a junk storage area, a conversion is the way to go.

Maybe you need extra space for another bedroom, an office, a new kitchen or utility room, home cinema room or a play area? When the garage joins the kitchen, knocking down the wall between can easily create a larger kitchen dining area.

At Eastbourne Extensions converting your garage is very easy for us as the brick shell is already constructed; it’s just a case of fitting out the internal space to match your specification and needs and to comply with current building regulations.

Basement conversion – Unearth your property’s potential

Do you like the idea of a luxury basement swimming pool or a gym? Then a basement conversion is the way forward – or downward!

Eastbourne Extensions offers the all-in-one solution for your basement conversion including waterproof tanking systems. By converting your basement or cellar into a habitable space you can forego the cost of having to move to a larger home whilst at the same time increasing your property value. With house prices ever increasing, your home is a valuable asset so make the most of it by adding extra space.

Contact Eastbourne Extensions now to discuss and book your free survey and see for yourself just how easy it is to improve your home by going underground!

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