How long does an average home / kitchen extension take to build?
We estimate on average a home extension can take between 10 – 12 weeks to build, although depending on the size and specification of the project these timings can sometimes take slightly longer.

How quickly can you start to build an extension on my property?
Our lead in times are currently 2 – 4 weeks assuming that you have plans, structural calculations and party wall notices in place (if required). Please contact us on 0188 360 0071 for a more accurate estimate of start dates.

If we decide to use the Simply Extend architectural service, how long does it take to get plans drawn up?
On average it takes us between 4 – 5 weeks from signing the contract to get our client to agree on a set of plans, but of course we have had faster approvals if a client is in a particular hurry.

I’ve had a site survey, how long will it take to receive my quotation?
Once a Simply Extend surveyor has visited your property and carried out a site survey it will take no longer than 1 week for you to receive a comprehensive quotation. If you have not received your quotation in this time, then please visit your junk email folder (as sometimes our quotations can end up by accident there!) or give our team a call on 0188 360 0071.

How long are your quotations valid for?
Unfortunately from time to time our rates have to be reviewed due to increasing prices of materials. Our quotations are therefore valid for 6 months.


How long does it take for a set of plans to be approved for my extension?
In general it takes 8 weeks for plans to be approved through planning permission. However, not all extension projects require planning permission – see our question and section on permitted development.

What is permitted development and can I build my extension under this process?
If your property is not in a conservation area you may have permitted development rights (PD). This means you can build your extension without having to go through the planning permission process. For more details on the requirements and criteria for this, please visit the UK planning portal by clicking here.

What is the difference between permitted development rights and planning permission for extensions?
With planning permission you are asking the council if your proposed scheme is acceptable. It is open to rejection by them and/or your neighbours and will have to follow the local development plan. With permitted development you are asking the council to simply confirm that your scheme fits within the permitted development criteria. The council will issue you a Lawful Development Letter if they agree. Technically you are not required to have the Lawful Development letter in place before the work starts and in fact there is no law stating you have to have it. This allows clients who request it, to start the work without waiting for the Lawful Development Letter thus saving time.

What is a party wall agreement and do I need one for my extension?
A party wall agreement is required if your home has a wall that is connected to another property on either side. Each neighbour will have to be informed of the proposed works using a party wall notice form at least two calendar months before the intended start of the build. The party wall agreement is there to protect you and your neighbour from issues that might arise due to work done on the party wall. It draws up an agreement between you and you neighbour on what needs to happen if there is a problem. By law your neighbour can insist you have one before the work starts. This process is handled by clients directly, however if required Simply Extend can advise you on this process and put you in touch with one of our certified party wall surveyors.

Types Of Extensions

What different types of extensions can I build on my property?
There are many different types of extensions that can be added to your property such as rear kitchen extensions, side return extensions and even double storey extensions. For more information click here.

How much disruption should I expect throughout the build phase of an extension?
There is no doubt that building work can at times be disruptive and slightly stressful, after all we completely altering your home! However there are certain tips and measures that can be taken to ease this process. If budget allows, you may decide the best way to avoid the disruption is to move out throughout the construction phase. However we know at times this can be realistic. Other steps are to build temporary kitchens to enable you to still cook and clean, or to build stud partitions to block out the dust from the rest of your home. Always remember to pack away any valuables or anything that could potentially be damaged as materials and equipment will be making their way through your home.

Can I have other refurbishment work carried out to my home at the same time as my extension?
Yes. Quite often, we carry out refurbishment work to bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and downstairs toilets and utility rooms. Please enquire for prices on your site survey.

How much does a home extension cost?
This can vary depending on the size and spec of the extension you require. For more ideas visit Get A Quote page.

Do you build loft conversions?
Yes. . We have many clients that use us to carry out a loft conversion and an extension at the same time, thus saving hassle and cost by avoiding having two separate contractors.

Do you build basement conversions?
Yes, we are able to carry out basement conversions to properties.  Please visit our website for further information or book in with one of our surveyors for a quotation.

Why Choose Eastbourne Extensions?

Why should we choose Eastbourne Extensions for our extension?
We are a full design and build specialist, taking your initial ideas from design through to construction and when completed; backed by our ten year warranty.  We have converted and expanded hundreds of homes all over South East England so you can be assured your project is in safe hands.  Feel free to call us for your free no obligation site survey or to see a completed project near your home.

What insurances and guarantees do you have?
We have public liability, employee’s liability and the most important, contract all risk insurance. Documentation can be provided on request.

Am I able to visit some extension projects you have completed in my area?
We work on projects all over London and South East England. Because of this it is more than likely that we have completed an extension near or in the vicinity of your home. We are more than happy to share references with you.

What areas do you cover?
We cover all areas of London and South East England – to see work we have completed in your area, why not visit our case study section by clicking here.
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